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The 5W+H Method

Although it may seem like a random set of numbers at first glance, the 5W+H method is a really meaningful way to cope with the creative drought. The technique represents basic questions you need to ask when thinking about a specific topic: Who, what, where, when, why, and how?

Social Listening

Idea generation doesn’t mean you have to come up with a great suggestion single-handedly. On the contrary, sometimes it’s enough to do a little bit of social listening and see what the target audience has to say about a certain topic. You can use social networks like Facebook or Twitter to find precious ideas coming from end-users.


Brainstorming is a well-known method that people all over the world use for decades already. What makes this tactic so popular? Well, it’s the fact that no one gets laughed at for proposing a stupid idea. There is no right or wrong here – you just need to say the first thing that comes to your mind and that’s it. After a quick brainstorming session, we then filter through all suggestions and find the ones that have the biggest potential to succeed.

Conduct a Preliminary Analysis

Begin by outlining your plan. We focus on an unserved need, a market where the demand is greater than the supply, and whether the product or service has a distinct advantage. We need to determine if the hurdles are too high to clear (i.e. too expensive, unable to effectively market, etc.).

Projected Income Statement

This step requires us to work backwards. Start with what we expect the income from the project to be and then what investment is needed to achieve that goal. This is the foundation of an income statement. Things to take into account here include what services are required and how much they’ll cost, any adjustments to revenues, such as reimbursements, etc.

Market Survey

This step is key to the success of our feasibility study, so make it as thorough as possible. It’s so important that if our organization doesn’t have the resources to do a proper one, then it is advantageous to hire an outside firm to do so. The market research is going to give us the clearest picture of the revenues we can realistically expect from the project.

Identifying Alternatives

As we have collected information, we then identify several possible paths of action, or alternatives. We also use our imagination and additional information to construct new alternatives. In this step, we will list all possible and desirable alternatives.

Weigh the Evidence

We draw on our information and emotions to imagine what it would be like if we carried out each of the alternatives to the end.


We’re now ready to take some positive action by beginning to implement the alternative We chose.

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